You know the drill: you criticize Israel, which may be the world’s foremost terrorist state, and some slimy Jew calls you an “anti-Semite.” If you’re relatively new to the game, you might not think of Jews as slimy, and you may think that you are perhaps inadvertently being antisemitic, even if you don’t really have a clue what that word means.

Even if you are politically astute, you might want to be careful about returning fire, because the game is rigged. If you’re posting on an online forum, it’s a pretty good bet the website is controlled by Jews. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s owned by Jews. Jews can exert a lot of pressure on non-Jews to play ball, or else.

In plain English, your post could be deleted, or you could even be banned. In extreme cases, you could lose your job, and your career and reputation could even be destroyed. It’s called cancel culture, and it’s a very Jewish thing.

It get worse, because that word “anti-Semite” is a meaningless can of worms.

What kind of nerd would use such an archaic term in the first place? Wouldn’t “anti-Jew” be more accurate, honest, and easier to understand? When you call someone an anti-Semite, you’re implying that they hate Arabs, who are also Semites.

And it gets still worse, because most Jews may not be Semites themselves. That story goes back to the days of the Roman empire. When the Romans invaded the Middle East, the Jews were reportedly driven out of their homeland into Europe, where they spent centuries wandering around doing whatever Jews do while waiting for the day they could return to their ancestral home.

Shlomo Sand was all set to shine a little light on that little known chapter of Jewish history. A Professor of History at Tel Aviv University, Sand wanted to do some research on the diaspora. Unfortunately, he encountered an unexpected problem; he could find little or no literature documenting it. In fact, he came to the conclusion that there was no Jewish diaspora.

Sand further concluded that Jews aren’t descended from some Middle Eastern tribe adopted by God. Rather, they are a collection of religious converts, similar to Christians and Muslims. Some Jews may be authentic Semites, but most probably are not. Even if European Jews were descended from Middle Eastern stock, centuries of cross-breeding with non-Semites would have watered their genes down to the point that their Semitic genes were overshadowed by their European genes.

You can read about Sand’s discoveries and theories in his book The Invention of the Jewish People. And that invention is hardly limited to manufacturing a fake diaspora. It appears the ancient Jews also lied when they claimed they were held as slaves in Egypt, some even claiming Jews built Egypt’s famous pyramids. So if the Jews’ founding myths are both lies, what about the Holocaust, the alleged event that led to the founding of Israel?

Don’t waste your time trying to discuss any of these ideas with a Jew. Most Jews will just plug their ears and call you antisemitic. And you don’t have to criticize all Jews to be labeled antisemitic.

As already mentioned, criticizing Israel qualifies one as antisemitic. Merely mentioning conspiracy theories involving Jews makes one antisemitic. If you think Jews control Hollywood or the economy, you’re antisemitic. Using terms like “Jewish lobby” or “Jewish bankers” makes people antisemitic.

It’s OK to mention the biggest criminals and scumbags on the planet—people like Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Jonathan Pollard, Milton Friedman, Henry Kissinger, Bernie Madoff, Ayn Rand, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jack Abramoff—just as long as you don’t mention the fact that they’re Jews. You want to be especially careful to avoid noting connections between powerful and corrupt Jews. Posting a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein next to Harvey Weinstein or Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz is especially dangerous. People might think you’re cooking up a conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, the situation is hopeless. If every non-Jew on the planet joined Obama and Joe Biden in giving the Jews an eternal blow job, antisemitism still wouldn’t go away. You see, some of the biggest “anti-Semites” are Jews who scrawl graffiti or swastikas on buildings or coach non-Jews to make antisemitic remarks that the Jews can then criticize. In plain English, the Jews want everyone to believe that antisemitism is not just a thing but a very powerful and virulent thing. If we don’t monitor antisemitism, every Jew on the planet could suddenly wind up in a concentration camp controlled by a born again Adolf Hitler.

So what’s the solution to “antisemitism”?

It starts with education. Tell people what the word really means (nothing), and teach them the truth about the Jews who run around shouting their mantra: they aren’t Semites themselves, which means they aren’t God’s favorites, and they have no divine right to live in Israel.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a really good book that addresses this topic. If you know of one, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll continue working on (R)antisemitism. And whenever a Jew hits me over the head with the A-word, I’ll just give him the middle finger salute and tell him to go fuck himself. For good measure, I’ll call him a hypocritical racist, mentioning the Palestinian genocide.

This website was launched on October 1, 2022.